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RuBen Permel

Born in Virginia, USA


As a kid, I never got the 64 color crayon box with the cool sharpener. Unknowingly, the box of 8 primary hues provided me with everything I needed to illustrate my life. I discovered by finding a complimentary color on the other side of the box, I was able to mix things up and create something special. I never colored outside of the lines but always thought outside of the box. So in the realm of "Show Business" this juxtaposition always leveraged my ability to maintain my own unique career.


Reaching the pinnacle of Theatrical Costuming and Wardrobe at Cirque du Soleil provided me with the knowledge to thrive among extraordinary visionaries and epic commerce. For 16 years I have lead teams at 3 hospitality properties for MGM Resorts. Under the division of Entertainment, I have been able to contribute and create on 5 Cirque productions viewed by millions. I supported Artistically, and provided a work environment of productivity and inclusion. The corporate structure MGM Resorts and high standards of Cirque allowed me to flourish in the Business side of "Show".


Life in the Arts is connective. My stage background is key when commanding meetings, giving lectures, presenting ideas, hosting events or conducting interviews. As an Artist I have tools to visually impact ones thoughts.They can be seen in many of my Marketing displays, Press Events, Stage Designs or awarding winning Paintings. I have stood alone and exposed my soul for millions who watched TV. The winning results showed that I can achieve success not only for myself but those I join.


I pride myself in saying I have never held a "real" job, but the reality remains if you are doing what you are passionate about and destined to do, it's not a job. It's taking the 8 colors you earned and making your own masterpiece to share.


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